The journey to creating Quintessential by T. Stoute has truly been an inspiring one—full of creativity, talent and innovation. But that makes sense, of course. Isn’t that at the heart of the work we do, night after night, in kitchens and behind bars all around the world? 

This journey has taken us to all corners of the globe, sourcing luxe fabrics like Italian linen and white leather and working with talented Barbadian designers to create a brand-new, exciting aesthetic for food & beverage teams, complete with a local island flair. 

The result? A classic collection of Food & Beverage apparel that many probably didn’t even know they needed. Because the truth is, in our industry we are seemingly forced to prioritize function over fashion. After all, our work is demanding; requiring us to quickly think on our feet, while constantly being on our feet. Our typical ‘baggies’ and aprons have become just an accepted facet of the life we live, but we promise, it doesn’t have to be like that. 

What started as one chef’s decision to be able to smoothly and fashionably transition from the kitchen to the dining room has grown leaps and bounds. Quintessential by T. Stoute is revolutionizing the way we look at food and beverage apparel—from chef’s coats and mixologist jackets to servers’ shirts and aprons. Because you know and I know that our job is about more than flipping pasta or pouring a glass of wine; we create an experience, and we deserve to be a part of that experience as well.

From Miami to Toronto to Bridgetown, food & beverage apparel is long overdue a revolution. Let Quintessential prove that fashion and function can comfortably coexist—that we can create jackets that function like well-oiled machines in the kitchen, while maintaining a superior level of elegance and style the moment you step out of the kitchen.

Ultimately, we want our food & beverage teams to feel good about themselves. We want to show the effort we pour out and the standards we demand translate to the way we look while on the job. Quintessential is raising the bar, and we hope that you will join us.


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