Bistro Apron

$ 200

There are aprons and there are aprons. Our Cocktail, Bistro & Butcher aprons cover all necessities and the other stuff you didn’t realize your were missing. We’ve added thoughtful changes to traditional styles to ensure your wear leaves an impression they won’t soon forget. All aprons feature a one click closure through our innovative copper buckle, a utility band on the front for all kitchen rags and handy utensils. Available in two of our Quintessential colors and treated for stain and water repellency, our aprons promise to keep you sharp and clean even longer.

  • Elegant finish
  • Optional Styles
  • Breathable Material
  • Water and Stain repellency
  • Added features for increased airflow
  • Buckle feature to secure and release fitting bands.
  • Utility Bands
  • Utility & Pen pockets
  • Light Branding

Men's Size Chart