Sever Dress Shirt

$ 300

Functional, breathable and easy – this is usually the perfect combo for our servers and front house personnel. They’re forced to prioritize function over fashion, everytime. However, our collection provides the best of all worlds, providing a complete lightweight but durable solution. Full zip closure on the front and sleeves to ensure a quick slip on and off of the apparel, with a clean finish throughout makes the shirt a timeless fit. The shirt is available in our three colorways, making this an easy choice for any occasion. Wine spills at the end of your shirt is a thing of the past; enjoy our water and stain repellency feature.

  • Elegant finish
  • Breathable Material
  • Water and Stain repellency
  • Added features for increased airflow
  • Easy Pull off
  • Utility & Pen pockets
  • Apron Snap straps
  • Light Branding

Men's Size Chart


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